Dicalcium Phosphate Pure 1 kg
Dicalcium Phosphate Pure 1 kg
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RECOMMENDED SERVING: Horses & Foals - 1 large scoop 30 grams (43 cc scoop included) daily. Feed 2 large scoops daily during gestation and lactation or as directed by veterinarian.

RECOMMENDED SERVING: Dogs & Puppies - 1 small scoop 5 grams (5cc scoop also included) per 5 kg. body weight daily or as directed by veterinarian.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Diacalcium phosphate, pharmaceutical grade. NO FILLERS

DICALCIUM PHOSPHATE provides supplemental calcium and phosphorus which may be lacking in an animal's regular feed. The neutral Ph contributes to the buffering action to relieve upset stomach and reduces lactic acid build-up. It is highly palatable and is especially beneficial for young and growing foals and puppies, pregnant and lactating mares and dogs during gestation and lactation for milk production. Dicalcium Phosphate is an ideal feed supplement because of its optimum Calcium:Phosphorus ratio and is test free in any event. Deficiencies are likely in most un-supplemented diets for late pregnancy and in young growth stage animals. Horses on endurance rides often have increased need for calcium to improve performance and recovery.
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